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Course Records

Course Records

Course records and top 5 fastest times in each category.

Course Records

Men31:50Rickus Jacobs2019
Women36:10Polina Carlson2018

Fastest Times (Men)


31:50Rickus JacobsHawaii, USA2019
31:58Ryan TsangHawaii, USA2019
33:26Kazuki IshiiHawaii, USA2019
34:12Ian EisenhauerPennsylvania, USA2019
34:30Nathan CarslonHawaii, USA2019

Fastest Times (Women)


36:10Polina CarlsonHawaii, USA2018
37:25Cindy AndersonHawaii, USA2019
37:27Bethany SpectorHawaii, USA2019
38:18Cindy AndersonHawaii, USA2018
38:51Zoe WorobelHawaii, USA2019